Woven Label

High Definition Satin, Taffeta, Colored wrap with the different blend of yarn quality, sonic and laser cut facility. We have 4 Donner and 2 Muller machine.100% QC for all productions,

  • Types Brand Labels, Care Labels, Flag Labels, Composition Labels & Decorative Labels.
  • Quality Types Ultrasonic Slit Edge,High Definition Stain,Taffeta,Colored wrap,Using Polyester,Poly Cotton, Rayon,Acetate,Cotton or Blend
  • Additional Processes Stiffeling/Starching, Self-adhesive, HearSensitive,Embossing,Filling,(Pocket & Labels )&Die Cutting On Any Shape.
  • Capacity Total capacity would be 400,000 Pcs for each day.

We are equipped with world famous number one brand high technology latest machines

With this we have the facility to produce any kinds of woven label